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Our Services

How we work:

An efficient & effective process will begin with a free initial phone consultation to discuss your organizing project and specific situation. When you are ready, we will schedule an appointment at your home or office.

During our first organizing session, we will tour your space and ask a lot of questions about your goals and personal style. We also want to learn what has worked and not worked for you in the past.  Once we have all the information we need, we will begin putting your space in order! We are happy to work side by side the whole time, or with intermittent input from you, as needed.

Organized Cubicles
Neat Storage Boxes
Tidy Closet

Home/Office Organization

  • Develop and implement an organization plan for your home or office

  • Reclaim or repurpose a storage area, room, or closet for a new use

  • Organize around a change in your household; ie; the arrival or departure of a household member (new baby, college student, or elderly parent)

  • Discard, sell, donate, recycle, and digitize to free up space

Downsizing/Senior Move

  • De-clutter and sort belongings to maximize your home’s appeal to buyers

  • Prepare for and get settled after a move (local or long-distance)

  • Sort belongings in advance of a move

  • Manage downsizing to a smaller home or an assisted living facility


  • Streamline and style your wardrobe

  • Inventory the contents of your space

  • Improve your skills in organizing around objects, data, and time

  • Maintain organization with regular or refresher visits


Putting My Clients First

Pricing and Packages

  • 30-minute phone consultation:  FREE

  • On-site consult and assessment, or shopping: $50/hour

  • Hourly (2 hour minimum): $75/hour

    • Additional organizer (to speed things along):  $40/hour

  • 10 hour package:  $700

Included in the fees are:

Travel time and mileage (for locations up to 25 miles of 22046 - additional charges for longer distance), dropping off donations (one per session), basic item research; and use of small standard labels. Emails, phone calls or under 15 minutes are FREE.. Sessions of 4 hours or more include 15-minute break, Consigning: $25 per trip plus 10% of total sale 

Well Organized Closet
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