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About Me

I’ve reinvented myself over the years but have always been passionate about having an organized space and helping others.  Growing up in the countryside of Indiana, I had a mama who was a rooter.  She kept a very clean house, but always kept stacks of paper and magazines and had a hard time parting with things that elicit memories. After my father passed away, my sister and I spent several weeks helping my mom sort through the memories of 50 years of marriage.  It was hard, very hard, but it taught me a lot.  And one of my goals is to encourage seniors and empty nesters to downsize and clear out the clutter sooner rather than later. To learn to live more simply and streamlined. 

As I tackled my own organizing projects, I also had many friends feeling overwhelmed and wanting my help.  So, I formed simplifyMe and joined NAPO, the industry-leading National Association of Organizing and Productivity Professionals. I’m excited to help you begin to live your best life in an uncluttered space.

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